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Logo od of Shatasetu

मन नी प्रसन्नता नो हेतु 

What is Shatasetu?

Moment of Shata pradan
  • Shatasetu is an initiative with a mission to provide happiness, shata and samadhi to any Jain Shraman-Shramani Bhagwant and Shravak-Shravika.

Who can contact Shatasetu?

Moment of Shata pradan
  • To give happiness to any Jain Shramana-Shramani Bhagwant and Shravak-Shravika can benefit from this facility.

  • Any Jain who is mentally or physically ill can also contact Shatasetu to forget their pain and suffering.

  • Additionally, those who want to provide samadhi to their loved ones in their final moments can also contact Shatasetu.

How is happiness provided?

Moment of Shata pradan
  • As the most important task, shata is provided through communication, relieving worries, refreshing old memories and admiring good deeds.

  • Additionally, efforts are made to provide happiness and peace through Parmatma Bhakti, Positive Stories, Poetry, Jokes and Shayari.

Where is Shatasetu available?

Moment of Shata pradan
  • This facility is available worldwide.

  • In Mumbai and Ahmedabad, happiness, peace and Samadhi are provided by coming to your place.

  • However, in other places, you are being provided happiness, peace and samadhi through online medium.

Some successful results of Shatasetu

Moment of Shata pradan
  • Many Jain Shraman-Shramani Bhagwants and Shravak-Shravikas have received happiness and a smile on their faces through the happiness provided by Shatasetu.

  • A daughter saw a smile on her mother's face after a long time.

  • A retired IAS officer who served the country listened to many things about religion.

  • Jain Shravak-Shravikas living in an old age home experienced a sense of belonging.

  • Many Jain Shraman-Shramani Bhagwants have been benefitted from enlightening discussions.

  • Many families saw their loved ones listening to “Dharma” in their final moments.

  • Many such positive results have been achieved through Shatasetu.

Moment of Shata pradan
Moment of Shata pradan
Moment of Shata pradan
Moment of Shata pradan
Moment of Shata pradan

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